Association of University Teachers

FH - Association of University Teachers - is a trade union for all employee for the University of Iceland, National and University Library of Iceland, Science Institute - University of Iceland, The Árni Magnússon Institute, abd Institute for experimental pahtology University of Iceland, that have completed at least a Bachelor's degree (BA/BS).

Fh is a member of the Association of Academics -Bandalag Háskólamanna (BHM), see further information at their website,

Fh makes wage contracts for its members. The wage contracts consists f.x. of wages tables, the right for sickness leave, vacation, the right for sickness leave for children, sabbatical rights and right for continuing education.

Fh makes institutional contracts for all of the institutional where the members works.

Fh assists its member in various problems regarding rights and infringements on agreements.

Fh informs its members about wages and conducts surveys.

Members in Fh need to pay fee to be a member of the union. The fee to Fh is 0,6% of your daily wages.

The employer has to pay fee for each member in Orlofssjóður BHM (vacation fund). This fund rent to their members many summer cottages and flats in Reykjavík, Akureyri and overseas. Rules in english.

The employer has to pay fee for each member into a relief fund, „Styrktarsjóð BHM“.  After six months of payment you can get paid from that fund, e.g. if you get sick and do not have enough sickness days, dentists cost, glasses, physical activities and vitro clinic and etc. Rules in english

The employer has to pay fee for each member into the Continuing education fund „Starfsmenntunarsjóður BHM“.  After six months of payment you can seek for this fund f.x. icelandic courses and more. Rules in english

The Union of University Teachers' Productivity Evaluation Fund’s function is to enhance the productivity of its members. The fund provides remuneration for research which extends beyond work duties. Stipends from the fund are concomitant with research activity; where articles in peer reviewed journals, and the publication of books have most weight. Evaluation System for Public Higher Education Institutions

Lecturers and specialists include: Adjunct Lecturers, Senior Lecturers (UK) - Associate Professors (USA), Professors, Research Specialists, Research Scientists. Academic employees hand in research reports annually.  Attached to this report are works to be considered for the Productivity Evaluation Fund and for the Writing and Research Fund for Professors.

The annual evaluation of competence only applies to tenured employees at the University of Iceland and institutes that belong to the University Lecturers Association (Félag háskólakennara) and do not come under the evaluation system for lecturers and specialists. The annual evaluation of competence is an assessment of the employee’s contribution in the past year rated into points and a pay bonus from the Annual Evaluation Fund.

The pension fund is Lífeyrissjóður starfsmanna ríkisins, see information in english.

We also offer assistance regarding contract of employment before you sign it. We point out what you should avoid and give you advice regarding the contract.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information. You are welcome to make an appointment at our office, please call 525-4770 or send an email or

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